Retired? Indulge in Winter Merriment

If you’re free from the shackles of work, you can enjoy the festive winter months to the full. Wherever you live, there are sure to be some local events and activities to enjoy, and if you’re a city-dweller, you’ll be spoilt for choice. What’s more, if your friends and neighbours have retired, too, you can all gang up together for your winter fun. Here are some suggestions for you and your pals.

Go to all the shows

The theaters will be in full swing through the winter months, with comedies, plays and musicals, so get along to as many shows as you can. With your retired status, you’ll probably qualify for concessionary tickets, too. If music is your forte, enjoy some live concerts – jazz, classical, folk or whatever makes you tick. Listening to music at home is all very well, but nothing beats a live performance.

Host a get-together

Invite friends over for an evening of sparkling conversation around a cheery fire. Treat them to a meal, arrange party games and set a theme for some dressing-up fun – they’ll love it all. Decorate your home with seasonal trimmings, set the music playing and let the drink flow. With any luck, guests will contribute a bottle or two, or reciprocate with parties of their own.

Go to classes

It’s never too late to learn a new skill or improve your knowledge, so why not enroll in a course? Take classes in a craft or subject you’ve never tried before, or learn a new language. You’ll meet new people with shared interests, and you’ll all be learning together, so you can discuss it all in the coffee breaks.

Volunteer for a charity

Every winter, you’ll find homeless people sleeping rough through the bitterest of nights. But thanks to kindhearted volunteers, there is usually some help at hand, such as makeshift shelters and food distributions. The retirement years offer an ideal opportunity for helping out with one of these good causes or other types of voluntary work. If you’re interested in offering your services, check out the charitable organizations in your neighborhood and choose the one that draws you most. You’ll find the camaraderie of volunteer teamwork inspiring, especially in this season of giving and sharing.

Renew old friendships

If the winter weather stops you going out, just get on the phone or computer instead. Thanks to modern technology, you can be sitting cozily by the fire and enjoying the buzz of social life at the same time. Phone or email friends you’ve been out of touch with lately to see how they’re doing. Look up your childhood classmates, college buddies and long-forgotten relatives for catch-up chats and arrange reunions with them. They’ll be as thrilled as you to be in touch again. If you’re happier making contact via pen and paper, buy an extra pack of Christmas cards for refreshing your old friendships, and remember to put your contact details on them, big and clear.

There’s so much going on in winter, there’s never a dull moment once you get involved. The only challenge then, of course, is finding time to put the spring bulbs in!


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