Be Proud of Your Gray Hair

If you’re going gray, that’s fine. In fact, it’s more than fine – it’s exciting. You may be losing the hair color you grew up with and have lived with all these years, but now nature is awarding you a brand new tone, so embrace it with pride. The subtle, neutral shades that come with age can be as attractive as full-color ones, especially when the hair is freshly washed and shining. They complement your changing complexion, too, and reflect your sophisticated maturity, so don’t rush out to buy a color dye. Celebrate your changing hair tones with these simple tips.

Wash your hair frequently

Gray hair needs to shine to look good, and daily washing will ensure this. When it’s fresh and grease-free, the varying tones of individual hairs will show up and catch the light, creating a luscious sheen. It will also fall with more grace and flow for being clean. Blow-dry it after every wash, sweeping it backward, then forwards to let the air in. This will give it extra bounce and body when dry, giving you a youthful look.

Style your hair

Keep your hair smartly styled and trimmed, whether short or long, so the gray tones will stand out and look purposeful. Show through your style that you love your hair and expect onlookers to appreciate it, too. Your new, neutral tone will complement your maturing complexion and features, so make sure it frames your face and neck to best effect. A fringe or forelock will show up your eyes, for instance, and your eyes will reflect your hair in return.

Dress in complementary colors

Let your clothes bring out the beauty of your hair through style and color. A neat neckline will frame your hair attractively, while complementary colors will bring out its tones. Dark gray hair can look great against a warm pink or orange, whereas light gray may look better against softer hues, such as baby-blue, pale pink or primrose-yellow. If your hair is a snowy white, it will probably go with all sorts of vibrant tones, including black and gold. Try holding up garments of different colors and shades against your hair to see which go best together.

Adorn your hair

A tasteful hair accessory can do wonders to enhance hair tones in your senior years. A simple hair band or colored clip can look very attractive, as can a folded scarf around the head or neck. If you have long hair or a fringe, a hat or cap will set it off delightfully. Experiment with different accessories to see which suit you best.

No wonder so many youngsters dye their hair gray – the shade has so much to offer. But no dye can produce those stunning natural tints, so make the most of yours every day.



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