You’re Never Too Old for Romance


Are you single and retired? If so, what better time for romance? You’ll have time on your hands that you never had when holding down a job, and perhaps some accumulated savings to splash out on gifts and dates, too. If you think you’re too old for a new relationship, check out these facts and tips – and think again!

  • People are living longer than ever before, so there’s more time in life for romance than there used to be. If you marry at 75, say, and the pair of you live to be 100, you may have a silver wedding anniversary to celebrate as well as your centenary birthdays.
  • We all know our appearance changes as we age, but others will see you differently. They will see you for you, so make the most of yourself. Let your personality and charms shine through, and keep as fit and fresh-looking as you can, ready to attract the attention of whoever may cross your path.
  • Some people have to wait many decades to meet the perfect partner. If you haven’t found yours yet, there’s a chance you may meet them in retirement. In later years, people tend to acquire new attributes, such as serenity, empathy and self-assurance, so keep a look-out – you may meet someone with all the charms of maturity to offer you.
  • Aging can sometimes increase feelings of lonliness, but a companion will sweep those feelings away, so retirement can be an ideal time for a relationship. The benefits are mutual, of course, so you’ll have the pleasure of brightening up your partner’s sunset years while they bring a sparkle to yours.
  • If you and your new partner are both of mature years, you’ll be able to live together without the hassle of family planning. You’ll be freer than you were in your youth, too, with just the two of you to think of. If you both have grandchildren, though, you’ll have the brand-new fun of getting to know each other’s young relatives and joining your two families into one.
  • If you’re dreaming of marriage, don’t let age hold you back. You deserve your special day, and the confirmation of mutual commitment that a marriage certificate brings. If you and your “other half” don’t fancy a big wedding, keep it small and simple. Remember, too, that there are almost no limits to where a wedding can take place, and couples pick all sorts of venues these days, so you can set yours to any health or mobility needs you may have.

Retirement offers a starting point for any number of new things, including relationships, so light the candles and set the atmosphere, ready for that special new “Someone” in your life!

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