How To Age Healthfully And Happily

Aging is a natural process, and at some point in your life you begin to notice the signs. It can be a few little aches and pains when you first get up in the morning, or some things just aren’t as easy to do as they used to be. This trend can continue until you are officially a senior, but the big changes usually develop when you retire. Once you leave the work force, you might feel you have earned the right to sleep in mornings, eat anything you want, watch a lot of television, and just relax. The truth is that many people spend a lot of time with activities that only require sitting, and this can contribute to physical and emotional problems.

Over 50 But Still Working

Your job may require you to work at a desk all day, but you still can get in some exercise. If your employer is located in an area where there is safe walking, use some of your lunch hour for a brisk stroll. You can also do exercises in the office break room or at your desk. Do an online search for office exercise, and choose something that works for your circumstances. It’s easy to gain weight after 50. Bring a healthy lunch from home, and you’ll save money and calories. Mental exercise is good for brain health, and you can keep yours strong by reading, helping grandkids with their homework, and writing. A family history or a journal is something to pass on to future generations, and your brain will be getting healthy exercise during the writing process.

Retired And Healthy

It may seem odd that people seem to find their health waning after they retire, but there are some specific reasons. You are no longer on a schedule that places any demands on your time. You can sleep in and stay up late. There are no schedules, no deadlines, no projects, and no collaborations with coworkers to keep your brain active. You can eat what you want, and most of your social activities form around dinner with friends. If you enjoy cooking, you may be trying out new recipes including Oreo mini cheese cakes, fried Twinkies, and other unhealthy recipes found on the Internet. People who worked on computers at the office tend to gravitate towards sitting in front of one when they retire because it’s something familiar. You don’t have to fit the mold of the average retired person, and you shouldn’t. Stay on a regular sleep schedule during the week, get a dog from the shelter and walk with it every day, play golf, go dancing, hike with friends, and do anything that keeps you active. Eat healthy meals that include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Exercise your brain with reading and games. Do crossword puzzles, Sudoku, play Scrabble, Chess, or Timeline. Games that require strategy and memory are the best.

Aged With Health Issues

Everyday you can do something that is good for you. You can eat better, you can walk more (even in your home), you can play games, sing songs, dance to music, and be social. Participate in as many activities as your doctor allows. Prepare more meals from scratch. If that is difficult, ask a friend or family member to come by once a week and help you prepare meals that can be heated up each day. Even people who have difficulty walking can do some exercise while sitting in a chair. You can find wonderful chair exercise programs online, and follow along with them. When you are a senior with health problems, you should always check with your physician before embarking on an exercise program.

Whether you are 50, 75, or 90, you can live more healthfully. Pay attention to what you eat, keep your body moving, and use your brain everyday. Following these suggestion will keep you at your optimum health.


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