7 Ways to Stop the Days Dashing By

Sometimes the days seem to fly by so fast, it can be hard to keep up with them. You may feel as if your whole life is slipping by, and this can be depressing. But life doesn’t have to be like  that. Take your pick from these seven tactics to reign in those dashing days and celebrate each one.

Keep a diary

Use a notebook to jot down events or thoughts that are important to you. The act of writing them down will help you focus in on them, and later you can jog your memory by reading them back. If you prefer speaking to writing, voice your thoughts on a tape recorder instead. How about setting your favourite entries to music or reciting them to a beat, for a party piece?

Go through your day

When you go to bed at night, run through the main events of the day. This will help you consolidate them in your mind. If the exercise becomes a chore, just do it briefly, once a week or so. It will help you see the shape and meaning of your day-to-day life, and all your achievements, big and small.

Notice nature

Slow down the days by stopping to appreciate the natural world around you. Step outside to breathe in the air, gaze at the sky or listen to the purr of the breeze. The mere fragrance of a flower or the chirrup of a bird can provide a moment to remember. A sunrise can inspire hope and purpose, and a majestic sunset will celebrate the day just passed. Even rain can be eloquent – listen to the thrilling crash of a downfall or enjoy the gleam of a raindrop.

Share a sentence-worth

Set up a routine with a close friend or relative, whereby you tell each other a snippet of news or experience from your day. It could be the scent of that flower, if you like. Exchange your snippets any way you like – in person, by phone or via the Internet. But keep it short and sweet, like a game. You might like to make a record of all your exchanges through the year, to celebrate at the end.

Compare years

Note the day’s date and think back to what you might have been doing on that same day in a previous year. To do this, you’ll need to think back over part of your life, which will help you see how it has unfolded since, through the months and years. You may find it easiest to pick an annual landmark, such as your birthday. If you don’t want to compare your past and present life, compare something else, like your favourite TV programs then and now. You’ll find this little brain-teaser great for keeping track of time.

Value small pleasures

If you’re enjoying your meal, make a mental note of the fact. Take your time over it and savour every mouthful. If you’ve received a warm message from a friend, re-read it to relish every word. Whenever you do something you enjoy, pause a moment to register that pleasure. Let these precious details colour your days and enrich your life.

Display photos

If you have some printed photographs available from past years, select the ones you find most pleasing and display them around your home. You could place your chosen pictures in frames to stand on your shelves, or stick them on walls or notice boards. Every time you pass one, it’ll fire a memory, helping you to keep your life in perspective.

Occasionally, a day just will fly by, however you try to slow it down. But most days can be brought into focus with these simple time-stoppers, so choose your favourites, and feel your life grow richer.


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