5 Easy Ways To Feel Young Again

When we were kids, growing up seemed to have so much potential; complete independence, driving cars, hitting up clubs and being our own boss all sounded glamorous. As the years went by and the novelty wore off, we started to realize that growing old isn’t what it was cracked up to be, certainly not what we expected when we were 15. Once we hit milestones like 30 or 40, we look back on our youth and feel like we’ll never recover the energy or excitement that made us feel so powerful and special. If you feel this way, then you couldn’t be more mistaken.

Although we can’t expect our bodies to pull off the same feats that were easy for us decades ago, this doesn’t mean we don’t have tons of untapped energy just waiting to be harnessed. The key is to know where to improve and how to improve it.

Change Your Attitude

Age is a state of mind, at least to a degree. Just because you’re in your 40s or 50s doesn’t mean you’re the crotchety old man or woman that young children may perceive you to be. Sure, you can’t hit up a bar and dance until 2 a.m. while pickling your liver, but that doesn’t mean you’re unable to have a blast.

The funny thing about the human brain is that the mind often project itself through the body. If you think you’re weak and boring, then your body will inevitably act accordingly. However, when you look at yourself as a person full of strength and potential, your joints and muscles might just cut you some slack.

Try New Things

Some say that biggest killer of old people is retirement, although you don’t have to be a retiree for this philosophy to apply. The point is that life can become monotonous as you age, and feeling trapped in the same daily grind probably won’t keep you excited.

The world is a huge place, so why not shake things up? Expand your horizons, be spontaneous, say “yes” to everything, no matter how crazy or out-of-character it might seem. Who knows, you might just find something you love in the process.


Tons of studies have shown a link between exercise, energy and positive thought. People who take the time to invest in their physical health are happier and stronger than those who decide to watch the years go by, thinking of better times.

A simple trip to the gym will reveal at least one or two people in their 60s or 70s lifting weights or mastering the treadmill. Heck, there are plenty of classes and programs specifically designed for older clients. Our bodies adapt. If you make it a point to regularly push yourself to your limits, you’ll notice a dramatic improvement in what you can physically accomplish.

Boost Your Appearance

Sure, some people fork over tens of thousands of dollars to look like Cher, but you don’t have to be that drastic. Instead, work on the little things. Cover your gray hair with some dye, invest in face and skin cream, wear stylish clothes. Your brain will thank you when you look in the mirror and see someone 10 years younger.

Travel Back in Time

Don’t you wish you could relive the good old days? Well, who says you can’t? Nobody deleted every copy of your favorite TV shows, movies or music from your early years. In fact, the Internet made these things more accessible than ever.

Grab an MP3 player and cram it full of the classic songs your parents thought were subversive. Buy copies of iconic movies from your teens and twenties. Maybe you have a stash of old Star Wars or Beatles collectibles gathering dust in your basement. Proudly put them out on display for the world to see.

Growing old isn’t something to fear. Make the effort to work on yourself physically and mentally. Altering your perspective, exploring new activities, exercising, looking good and reliving the past all make a world of difference. Before you know it, you’ll realize that age is nothing but a number.

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